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Liebe Schulgemeinde,

im Englischunterricht der Sek. 1 – Semester 1 bis 4 – ist das Erstellen von Texten Teil des Kernlehrplans. Im Sommersemester 2019 haben 2 Studierende des V3a Semesters einen Text über ihre Flucht nach Westeuropa geschrieben.
Er wird hier auf der Homepage veröffentlicht, um Euch einen Einblick zu geben, was geflüchtete Menschen auf ihrem Weg erleben und erleben müssen.

I had just got married. Me and my husband were planning for our honeymoon trip.Romina

We both were so excited and happy but unfortunately living in our home country (Afghanistan ) was getting more disastrous and terrible for us day by day and we decided to go to Istanbul and stay there for a while and we got a visa and we traveled to Istanbul.
While staying there we heard from many people that they were talking about traveling to Europe crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
During our stay my husband and me also decided to choose the same way without thinking of the risks because of the way we left our home country. We were emotionally so badly broken inside .
We knew that if we told our parents they would be so worried about us that´s why we didn't tell them.
We decided to take the risk. By the time we reached the place where we should board the ship it was around 2:00 am. It was so dark . We could hardly see someone's face.
It was so silent you could ONLY hear the sound of big waves of the sea.
A man started handing out life jackets and was shouting at us to wear them. When I had one and started to wear it I noticed that the life jackets were not the standard one because I was working with an airline and I knew how the standard one looks like.
I was so scared and all my body was shaking while putting on the life jacket .
I told my husband that it's not safe and we made a wrong decision but my husband told me to calm down. He didn't want me to panic. We heard that the man told us to go to the ship .

While we were reaching the ship we saw that it was a small rescue boat and we were about 65 people. My husband also got scared and the other people as well. We all refused to go on board the boat but it was too late. The men had guns and they told us to go to the boat or "you all die here", they said.
We didn't have any option and he told us it's JUST 15 minutes.

We all were praying while we were sitting in the boat. There was not enough space to move, everyone was sitting on top of each other.
By the time the boat started to move towards the sea it was getting darker and darker .

I could only hear the sound of waves and winds. We could see the blue sky with a lot of stars and in each second one star was dropping down from the sky.
During the time we all were freezing. It was 14 December 2015. The worst day of my life. l was dying each moment. After each 10 to 15 minutes I was asking my husband: “Have we arrived?” The answer was: “Not yet.” We were almost on the sea for 2.5 hours.

After that the people who were with us in the boat started shouting that water was coming inside the boat and everyone panicked and was trying to throw the water out of the boat .
We tried to close the hole with the jackets we had with us. But unfortunately the boat got broken and we all were in the water. That was a horrible night for us. Children and women were drowning in the water. While I was in the water I saw people disappearing one by one ...

We were there for approximately 30 minutes or more than that. I can´t really remember. I was so terrified and shocked. After that the rescue team came and we got rescued but unfortunately we were only 20 people who survived …

Romina und Assad Amanyar (V3a) aus Afghanistan