Study Tour to Scotland 14/09/2013 – 21/09/2013
The Scotland InterviewSchottland2013-2
Asya : Hi guys, may I ask you a few questions about your Scotland trip?
Marc & Stefan: Sure, what do you want to know?
Asya: Where exactly did you stay?
Stefan: We stayed at a Caravan Park about 18 km east of Edinburgh, right at the beach, called Seaton Sands.
Marc: Yeah, I really liked that. Stefan and I even dared to go for a swim in the North Sea!
Asya : Oh, it was not close by?
Marc : The distance to Edinburgh was not too far. We were fortunate enough to have rented a bus (including an awesome bus driver) so the mobility was not really an issue.

Stefan: The bus stop for public transportation was nearby the resort, so we took the opportunity to use one of those unique double-decker busses, to sit down upstairs and to go through different suburban areas of Edinburgh which gave us a chance to see the natives in their habitat ;)
Asya: What attractions did you see and what were your cultural impressions like?
Marc: Edinburgh! Edinburgh definitely impressed me deeply. The city is fascinating and full of surprises.
Firstly, we found it kind of strange, that everyone was just ignoring the red traffic lights in Edinburgh. We observed the same behavior in Glasgow, so in order to fit in with the natives we decided to do as the Scots do (If in Rome...). Phew, we have seen so many things, where to start?
We visited of course the Edinburgh Castle and had a look down on Edinburgh from Scott's Monument, where we had to climb almost 300 steps. I really liked the city tour which Daggi and Stefan had organized. The tour guide showed us many interesting buildings and spots of the city and informed us about their historical background. There was a statue of a dog named Bobby; Bobby was a dog who watched over his deceased master's grave for 16 years! The best lunch we had was at "The Elephant House", where JK Rowling wrote one of her Harry Potter novels. I don't know much about Harry Potter so I don't know which volume. Another cultural highlight was the visit of the Glenkinchie Distillery. Scotland is well-known for its extensive selection of high quality whiskeys and this was one of its famous distilleries.
Stefan: I really liked the combination of old and new. Edinburgh has an old city centre that is situated right in front of a beautiful castle, which consists of many old buildings and is rich in history. Another great thing about Scotland is that most museums are free of charge! Everyone is welcome to have a look at the paintings and sculptures.Schottland2013-1
I also liked the city of Glasgow. We made a guided bus tour through the city and learned how this originally black and dirty place changed into a modern green city.
Asya: Is Scotland, in your opinion, a country where people enjoy contact to others?
Marc: Definitely, the people living there are very open and above all, absolutely polite. I was approached by strangers because they just wanted to know what I was doing and where I come from. I got the impression that the Scots are very nice and open-minded people.
Stefan: I agree, the Scots were very friendly and you could just start a conversation with them at the bus stop.
Asya : If Scotland was a person , what characteristics would you give it?
Marc : Let me think briefly , definitely: proud , frank and rough.
Stefan: I would say: friendly, honorable and loyal.
Asya: Would you see Scotland as a suitable place for a family vacation?
Marc: Sure, if you decide to stay away from the big cities you'll find a wide range of outdoor activities like, for example, hiking, biking or camping. I would definitely go with my family on vacation in Scotland and I will do that in the future.
Stefan: I think that Scotland is just as suitable for family vacations as any other country in Europe. It all depends where you would like to go. The place where we stayed at offered, for instance, a wide variety of activities just for children.
Asya: Why did you decide to go to Scotland and would you go again?
Marc: The occasion was that I've never been there and it is really as nice as I was told. My expectations were absolutely fulfilled and even went beyond all. With the next trip I'll be back.
Stefan: My reasons were similar to Marc's. I have never been to Scotland and it surpassed everything I was expecting. I will was definitely not my last visit to Scotland.
Asya: Thank you for the answers which made me feel that you definitely had a lot of fun.
Written by Marc – André Monien & Stefan Bünger K3A